Green Building

Green building has been around for quite awhile and it is going to continue to be around. It is the term green that is a little faddish in today’s market. In either new construction or remodeling one should not think of things in terms of just using green products for their project.

If you are interested in green building , there’s really a lot more to it than just utilizing green products. Building green is about the whole system of your home and how it relates to both your indoor environment and the durability and longevity of your home. It is a comprehensive look at how the structure will be built , lived in and used , versus just implementing a bunch of green products.

For your upcoming project you may be considering the various possibilities you can implement to reduce energy costs, create healthier surroundings for your family, or just trying to d o your part in being a little friendlier to the environment. Whatever your interests, the value of green building for your project can save money immediately and in the long-term.

A lot of the “common sense” aspects of actual construction building provided for by Castle Rock Homes does not have to increase upfront costs while constructing its energy-efficient projects. Quality of windows, air stop infiltration practices, sheathing, construction materials used, water-saving fixtures are just a few that fall into this category.

For those that are not just looking at upfront costs but looking at their operating costs over time and see how the benefits of those aspects work may be interested in alternative energy systems. Understanding that you can save money on utilities every month while helping save the earth’s resources may open up the possibilities to explore geothermal or solar heating systems. Local, state, and federal governments are now offering tax credits and rebates to help offset the costs with using environmentally conscious materials and systems.

Castle Rock Homes, Inc. has a long history of using green building techniques incorporated in there standard construction practices. We have provided alternative energy sources such as geothermal to meet our customers specifications. To find out how building green may help your upcoming project whether new construction, remodeling, or renovation contact Castle Rock Homes today!

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